* House approves campaign finance legislation along party lines; new rules will primarily benefit Republicans. [WP]

* Rep. Tom DeLay's departure "has emboldened centrists and conservatives to push their divergent views more assertively." [NYT]

* Many Republicans facing reelection "are feeling voter wrath" over Iraq; voters are increasingly critical of pro-war stances. [WP]

* Senate Republicans near agreement on immigration but "showdown" will come this morning; legislation "would allow undocumented workers a path to lawful employment and citizenship if they could prove [that] they have been in the country for five years." [WP, NYT, USAT, WT]

* Bush tries to shift attention to domestic issues; visits Connecticut to talk healthcare. [WP, NYT]

* Majority of federal budget --military and entitlement programs-- cannot be reduced by lawmakers. [NYT]

* Conservatives see the fall of DeLay as "a setback and a warning for their movement" -- "a big hole in their forces in Congress." [NYT]

* Condoleezza Rice urges lawmakers to approve nuclear arrangement with India. [NYT]

* Scientists say the administration is stifling the facts on global warming. [WP]

* Homeland Security official accused of sexual misconduct is suspended from work and held without bail. [USAT]


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