Daily Briefing: A Change is Gonna Come

* Former US President Gerald Ford is still dead. [WP, NYT]

* Kissinger: Still evil, sycophantic sonuvabitch. [NYT]

* The Democrats who now control congress argued among themselves briefly over whether they should let Republicans help draft legislation, then decided to bind and gag them instead. [WP]

* Boy, we had this great strategy for winning the war in Iraq, and then all this chaos started going down, it sucked. But seriously, it was a great plan. You woulda loved it. [NYT]

* Thousands of Iraqis are fleeing their country, we were gonna let 500 into the U.S. this year. [NYT]

* 3,000 dead in Iraq, and most of America doesn't know one of those 3,000. [WP]

* The NRA has some crazy new pamphlet warning its members that the the new democrats will steal their guns, even though the new Democrats are pretty damn pro-gun. Also, someone forgot to credit Wonkette. [WP]

* Jeb Bush's official Florida Gubernatorial portrait features a bible and a Blackberry, Bush family will never, ever, ever go away. Also, he uses emoticons. [NYT]

* Breaking: People aren't very good at giving up bad habits. Doctors say, "change comes from the heart, not the head." You should probably stop seeing any doctor who says that. [WP]

* Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is still dead. [USAT]


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