Daily Briefing: A Great Sense of Vulnerability

Reid vows to halt Senate procedures if Frist changes filibuster rules. [WP, WSJ, NYT, LAT, WT]

Americans conflicted: "Majority say they believe the Iraqis are better off today than they were before the conflict began -- but they also say the war was not worth fighting in the first place." [WP]

DHS hypothesizes terror attacks in report titled National Planning Scenarios. Expert: "We have a great sense of vulnerability, but no sense of what it takes to be prepared. These scenarios provide us with an opportunity to address that." [NYT]

Democrats sputter as ANWR vote nears. Kerry: "They don't have the votes to be able to do it one way, so they're going to break up the system, write their own rules and try to do it another way." [WP]

House close to approving $82b for Iraq and Afghanistan, minus embassy in Baghdad. [WSJ]

Senate marks clean split on Social Security reform in test run; heat is on for the next two weeks. [NYT, NYT]

Senators seek to protect funding of Medicare. [WP]

Greenspan proposes bipartisan commission on Social Security, defends tax cuts. [WSJ, USAT, NYT]

Kerry, Edwards etch separate paths to '08. [WP]


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