* Online donors who fed the '04 elections with small contributions are more representative of the middle class but just as polarized as large donors. [WP]

* The GOP's post-9/11 push for the Jewish vote has "not materialized in any convincing fashion"; DeLay and Abramoff scandals have cut into gains made on security issues and Israel. [WP]

* Bush left his political problems at home when he left the country. [NYT]

* Democratic party leaders shine spotlight on Sen. Obama. [USAT]

* DeLay's reelection is a referendum on DeLay. [NYT]

* Democratic candidates lack unified national message. [NYT]

* Few lawmakers are against NSA eavesdropping; most seek oversight. [USAT]

* Mainstream Democrats reject calls for Bush's impeachment as a few stray radicals float the idea. [W$J]

* Electronic disclosure of contributions to senators is in the Dark Ages. [USAT]


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