Daily Briefing: And The Beat Goes On

London bombings could boost support of Bush or increase criticism of war on terror. Bush: "The war on terror goes on." [WSJ]

G-8 leaders deplore bombings in London. [WT, USAT]

Chertoff calls for vigilance; Bush orchestrates security response from Scotland. [NYT, WT]

Still unknown is whether a senior administration official acted unlawfully when discussing Plame; White House has been very careful. [WP]

White House and administration allies ready for Rehnquist's retirement. Senior official: "We're prepared for every contingency, if it's multiple candidates, we'll be ready." [WP]

Chirac hopeful that Bush is shifting on global warming, but G-8 agreement lacks specific goals. [WT, USAT]

Congressional aides "knee-deep" into preparations for Supreme Court nomination battle. [NYT]

Addition of Gillespie to oversee nomination process at White House indicates "full-scale" nature of the operation. [WP]

Bush less concerned with ideology when making judicial appointments in Texas. [WP]

Judith Miller's prison considered "progressive" and dorm-like; prisoners have unlimited collect calls and can watch television, listen to CDs, or play cards. [NYT]

Infighting intensifies at Club for Growth. [NYT]


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