Daily Briefing: Anywhere it Wants

* The "100 hours" plan is dead before it begun, as Democrats will now focus on the "elephantine gorilla" that is Iraq. [WP]

* And by "focus on," they mean, "do everything possible to stop a troop surge." [WP]

* With little Wesley Clark doing his part too. [WP]

* Broadly written anti-terror laws are proving disastrous for asylum seekers, even Gary Bauer agrees. [WP]

* Chief Justice John Roberts is deeply troubled about the "constitutional crisis" of federal judges forced to mortgage their mansions. [WP]

* Joe Biden signs on to provide the comic relief for the Democratic Presidential primaries. [NYT]

* Charlie Rangel is all smiles about chairing Ways 'n Means. [NYT]

* Frothy mouthed hordes of hot-pink fanny packers can't wait to swarm the half billion-dollar Capitol visitor center. [NYT]


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