• The new American tradition: Waking up the day after election day only to find that no one still has any clue what's going on in the crucial races that were undecided when you went to bed. This year: Allen/Webb in Virginia and Burns/Tester in Montana. [NYT]

  • But yeah, the Democrats took the House -- won more than two dozen seats, didn't lose a single one. [WP]

  • "While a recount seems likely" in the Virginia Senate race, "it will not come quickly." Hoo-fucking-ray. [AP]

  • Democrats also have a majority of governorships. So many things for them to fuck up over these next two years. [WP]

  • Holy shit, Speaker Pelosi. [WP]

  • Only mild chaos met those stupid enough to vote on fancy electronic vote-stealing machines. [NYT]

  • The "coalition" of people that kept voting for Bush has soured a bit on the war. [USAT]

  • Thankfully, everyone does still hate the gays. [Time]

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