Daily Briefing: Barrel Bottom, Reached

  • Congressional approval reaches 16%, lowest in history of WSJ polls. [WSJ]

  • What's the matter with Kansas now? Nine candidates have switched from Republican to Democrat in the last year, many of them leading. [WP]

  • Democrats use failures in Iraq to strong effect against Republicans. [NYT]

  • New ad targeting black voters and saying Martin Luther King was a Republican has infuriated civil rights leaders. [WP]

  • Bob Ney will make it to jail when he gets around to it, for now he'll collect his $3,176 a week and enjoy the lovely fall weather. [NYT]

  • In a speech yesterday at Georgetown, Bill Clinton described differences in the parties, decried the partisan bitterness, and called for a return to olde timey Aristotelian style political debates. [WP, NYT]

  • Today, Virginia: Bush/Allen, Clinton/Webb. [WP]

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