Daily Briefing: Beware Doll, You're Bound To Fall

  • During his hour-long press conference yesterday, Bush announced a change in Iraq policy from "stay the course" to "don't do what you're doing if it's not working." North Korea policy to "keep on keepin' on." [WP, NYT]

  • US commanders report that violence in Baghdad has reached an "all time high." [USAT]

  • Kirk Fordham will testify before the ethics committee, possibly prolonging Dennis Hastert's agony for another week or two. [WP]

  • Bush opens up and gives Hastert "full-throat" support. [NYT]

  • The NRA, which doesn't particularly care which party isn't treading on them, is supporting 60 Democrats in the midterms. [WSJ]

  • Justice Department charges US citizen with treason for first time since WWII. [LAT]

  • Foley friend and Ohio candidate Deborah Pryce calls her Democratic challenger a homophobe. Also calls Foley a "fruit," saying, "We have to work hard to turn this back into lemonade." [NYT]

  • Last night's plane crash in Manhattan killed Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle. [NYT, NYT, NYT, NYT]

  • In life, as in sports, Tom Boswell makes the roiled sea plain. [WP]

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