Daily Briefing: Beyond Rhetoric?

Bush moves beyond "empty symbolism and discredited policies" with $1.7b aid package to Africa, mainly to combat malaria; critics say he simply repurposed previous donations. [WP, WT, USAT]

House approves 3.1% raise for federal workers. [WP]

Senate passes CAFTA, 54 to 45. [WP, NYT]

Column 32D of a parking garage at 1401 Wilson Blvd. was Deep Throat's spot. [WP]

Felt nearly revealed himself while under oath in 1976; he "was motivated by a desire to protect the FBI, disgust with the Nixon White House and the thrill." [WP, USAT]

Study of CPB went beyond Bill Moyers and found critical reports of conservatives across the spectrum; findings are ridiculed. Dorgan: It's an "amateur attempt to prove that there was a liberal bias." [NYT, LAT]

In response to Supreme Court ruling, House passes bill that blocks federal funds for "any city or state project that used eminent domain to force people to sell their property to make way for a profit-making project." [WP, NYT]

Mehlman has fostered black candidacies across the country and "has created an African-American advisory panel that includes virtually all the statewide black candidates." [NYT]

Rumsfeld maintains influence within the administration. Flack: "This is not a guy who looks back and agonizes." [LAT]

Death rate of military personnel in Iraq has increased since handover. [USAT]

Frist wants to crackdown on prescription drug ads. [USAT]


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