Daily Briefing: Bloggers Nobody Knows

Military stretched thin, warns General Myers. [NYT, LAT]

U.S. unprepared for nuke attack, say officials. [WP]

Three former officials detail "bullying and intolerance" by Bolton. [NYT]

USAT poll: 62% worry Republicans will "go too far" with Social Security overhaul; 61% worry Democrats "will not go far enough." [USAT]

Groups take fight over judicial picks to the airwaves. [NYT, LAT]

George & Laura still laughing. [WT]

Congress will set national standards to tighten rules on driver's licenses. [LAT, NYT]

The filibuster is seen as the last remaining option for the minority party. [WSJ]

Peter Paul, a "well-connected figure with a criminal history," is working with conservative legal group to knock Hillary. [NYT]

Some want political bloggers to be required to make full disclosures: "The concern is that somebody is blogging at the behest of a campaign and nobody knows it." [WP]


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