Daily Briefing: Booze Buys Endorsements, Still

* Iraq Study Group to recommend removal of virtually all combat troops by early 2008, if circumstances permit, everyone feels like it, etc. President Bush denies. [WP, NYT]

* Ken Mehlman addresses Republican Governors Annual Meeting/cry-fest, tells them to get busy getting more conservative and come up with some new policy ideas. [WP]

* Never-been-a-Governor John McCain was there too, stealing Mitt Romney's '08 thunder and plying the guv'nahs with booze. [NYT]

* Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack is the first to actually declare for 2008. [WP, NYT]

* But it's no biggie as Democratic candidates for 2008 are beginning to appear in droves. [WSJ]

* National Institute of Standards and Technology says paperless electronic voting machines, "cannot be made secure." [WP]

* White House considers abandoning outreach programs to Iraqi Sunnis, which basically everyone else thinks is a terrible idea. [WP]

* TSA to begin using x-ray photo machines that have been called "a virtual strip search." [USAT]

* Does CSI imitate Russian assassins or do they imitate it? [USAT]


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