• Saddam Hussein sentenced to death by hanging for crimes against humanity. [WP, NYT, LAT]

  • Polls show affinity for hangings to boost Republican turnout. [NYT]

  • Various self-appointed election monitoring groups will spend tomorrow addressing voting irregularities, trying to feel important. [WSJ]

  • Even voters can't save Dennis Hastert's position as speaker, as he is "widely expected to exit the leadership stage." [WP]

  • Omnipotent swing-voters don't like the situation in Iraq, do like the E Street Band. [WSJ]

  • Candidates try to motivate their base of support, with President Bush in red states and former President Clinton in blue ones. [WP]

  • Poll numbers move Republican's way after start of vaunted voter turnout "blitz." [WP]

  • President Bush more willing to work with Democrats now than, well, ever. [NYT]

  • The New York Times is shocked at the speed with which online games are produced to mock politicians, also finds Jay Leno to be outrageous. [NYT]

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