Daily Briefing: Christmas Morning

  • Depending on how the "angry tide" breaks, East Coast voters could observe normal bedtimes. If tightest races stay tight, next few days could be 2000esqe. [WP, WSJ]

  • Candidates buck tradition of ending campaigns on a positive message, continue with, "attacks over personal character and alleged corruption." [WP]

  • 2006 midterm elections: must be present to win. [NYT]

  • Percentage of people "absolutely certain" they will vote today is the highest ever for a non-Presidential election. [LAT]

  • Democrats fail to manage expectations; failing to retake the House could cause "mass suicide." [NYT]

  • Hillary Clinton drops $30M on a campaign she could have won with five bucks worth of party supplies. [NYT]

  • Everyone that has thoughts about 2008 busted their ass for candidates in 2006. [WP]

  • Voters look to ask President Bush, "Who's the decider now?" [WP]

  • Network News stations form unholy alliance to monopolize exit poll data and keep it from bloggers. Kiss ass, elitist, and over-moraled blogs seek to deny readers their bread and circuses, we will not. [WSJ]

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