Daily Briefing: Circuit's dead, There's Something Wrong

* Congressional Democrats look to time machine to stop troop surge. [WP, NYT]

* Changing kaleidoscope of "things President Bush could've started instead of a war," moves to alternative fuel technology. [WP, NYT]

* Bursting hybrid owners' bubbles feels good. [USAT]

* Sooner or later one of the "softball" questions lobbed up at Rudy Giuliani is going to break a window, then he'll get all crazy, kicking homeless people and yelling about "America's Mayor's foot in their ass." [NYT]

* Sorry Bill Richardson, but it's about popularity. Just how these things go. [NYT]

* Bill Clinton's tongue has made him rich. [WP]

* Rep. Sam Johnson is the House's Walnuts, Syria nuking jokes and all. [LAT]

* Iraqi embassy rebuilt with less "blood, sweat and tears" than, well, you know. [WP]


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