Daily Briefing: Colin Can't Stomach It

* Official "How's Tim Johnson doing?" spokesman Harry Reid says, "Just fine." [WP]

* Colin Powell faces the nation, calls for new strategy in Iraq that incorporates full withdrawal by 2007. Also notes, "there really are no additional troops" to send to Iraq, so there better be another plan. [WP, NYT]

* Somalia's Islamist government just dying to get on the wait-list behind Iran and Syria. [WP]

* Newt Gingrich wants to join the has-beens, also-rans, and have-rans in 2008. [WP, NYT]

* Evan Bayh, on the other hand, is happy to watch Obama and Clinton slug it out from the comfort of his living room. [WSJ]

* Administration plans to stiff pharmacies on Medicaid, just to save a lousy $5 billion. [NYT]

* Military espionage program started by Donald Rumsfeld to get "close scrutiny" by Robert Gates. [NYT]

* "I'm gonna get that wascally wabbit!" exclaims Margaret Spellings as PBS's lesbian-friendly Buster Baxter returns to the air. [NYT]


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