Daily Briefing: 'Compromise is in the Air'

Hadley threatens action against North Korea if they conduct nuclear test. [NYT]

Showdown nears as Frist advances vote on 100-hour cap on Circuit Court and Supreme Court nominees; McCain says "compromise is in the air." [WSJ, LAT, WT]

Government report that included criticism of Rumsfeld taken offline after Pentagon complains. [WP]

Hunter has rare disagreement with Pentagon over women serving in combat duty. [WT]

Rove advised Justice Owen throughout her career. [NYT]

Pew survey finds "both parties now are coalitions of the wealthy and not-so-wealthy, and of well-educated and less-educated voters." [WP]

Gonzales earns praise as softer version of Ashcroft. [WP]

Mehlman reaches out to popular African-American City Councilman in Harrisburg, Pa. after he jumps to GOP. [WT]


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