Congressional Research Service determines that the administration should have notified all members of the House and Senate intelligence committees about NSA eavesdropping. [WP, NYT, USAT]

Dems up the ante against the "culture of corruption"; their proposed limitations on lobbying are stricter than GOP plan. [WP, NYT, W$J]

Republican Rep. Jerry Lewis steered $160m project through Congress after firm donated $110,000, USAT alleges; congressman denies wrongdoing. [USAT]

Longest independent counsel inquiry ever accuses Clinton administration officials of a cover-up. [NYT]

Human Rights Watch says the administration makes a "deliberate policy choice" to abuse detainees. [NYT]

Costs of the war and rebuilding the Gulf Coast will exacerbate this year's budget debate. [USAT]

State Department will shift hundreds of diplomats to the Middle East, Asia, and elsewhere from Europe and Washington. [WP, NYT]

Democrats urged to vote against Samuel Alito. [NYT, LAT]

Republicans try to reassure seniors about new drug plan. [WP]

Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) "is back!" [WP]

Larry Wilkerson's criticisms of the administration caused an estrangement with Colin Powell. Wilkerson: "This is not a Republican administration, not in my view. This is a radical administration." [WP]


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