• Kenneth Lay's death "effectively voids the guilty verdict against him," though his assets will be fought over in court by the various people suing him. [NYT]

  • An FBI consultant hacked FBI computers, just for a laugh. He learned the passwords of 38,000 employees and gained access to Witness Protection Program records. [WP]

  • North Korea says they'll continue launching missiles. President Bush faces an increasingly "bleak foreign policy landscape." [WP, WP]

  • President George W. Bush is 60 years old today. [NYT]

  • The House Government Reform Committee subpoenaed the Pentagon seeking information on a soldier who claimed he suffered "reataliation" for reporting on abuses at Abu Ghraib. [AP]

  • The Navy is reintroducing Vietnam-style swift boats in Iraq. [LAT]

  • Hillary Clinton faced a difficult decision on the Joe Lieberman campaign, and despite her equivocal support, there's no bad blood between them. Unless there is. [NYT]

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