* John Edwards will make a "serious" announcement today at noon, but will continue to resent Elizabeth Edwards for life. [WP, NYT]

* "Partisan witch hunt" is on! House subpoenas K. Rova, Albeady Gonzales, JoBo, Blanche Miers and more! [WP, NYT]

* Al Gore comes back to Capitol Hill just as "shrill" and "accurate" as when he left. [WP, NYT]

* Anti-war protesters at the Capitol feel safe under the "impressive bulk" of John Murtha. [WP]

* Several of the fired attorneys were the top seed in their divisions. [USAT]

* Justice Department really has the black lung. [WP]

* Congressional budget processzzzzzzzzz. [WP]

* FDA moves to trim payola. [NYT, LAT]

* Iraq funding bill has more farm aid than Willie Nelson. [USAT]


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