Daily Briefing: "Die On The Vine"

Conservative intelligentsia begins to splinter on private accounts: "[N]ow they're getting nervous. Even if they're not speaking out, they just figure it will die on the vine." [WP]

Presidential commission rails against pre-war intelligence gathering; Tenet particularly criticized. [NYT]

Santorum, Kennedy separately seeking common ground in divisive wake of Schiavo frenzy; Santorum reconsiders death penalty. [WSJ]

Schiavo, Social Security threaten Republican dominance of Florida. [LAT]

Bush moves beyond Schiavo; week ahead devoted to Middle East, Social Security. [WT]

Justices seek distance from case of Mexicans on death row; matter complicated by Bush's compliance with international law. [NYT, WT]

Politics is best option for aging intellectuals; 22 senators are over 70. [WP]

59 ex-diplomats urge rejection of Bolton for ambassadorship to United Nations. [WP]

Polarization edged higher in '04 election; only 59 congressional districts split vote between president and representatives. [WP]

Bush's domestic advisor humbled by position and background: "Our job is to help bring the issues to the president so he can apply his vision to the decision-making process." [WP]


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