• John Kerry is not funny. Neither is the situation in Iraq that Republican candidates are distancing themselves from. [WP, NYT]

  • "Tuesday's vote will deliver a referendum on six years of Bush's leadership." [WP]

  • Network news anchors -- The New Class, face their first prime-time national election coverage ratings battle. Brian, Katie, and Charlie will have support from master sensei Brokaw, Schieffer, and Stephanopoulos respectively. [WSJ]

  • Republican leadership's talking points received loud and clear by average Republicans: "The biggest thing that I'm afraid of is that the Democrats will take power. We'd see an increase in taxes and weaker national defense. Plus, there would be a redistribution of income. Big-time." [WP]

  • Hillary Clinton issued her "most comprehensive criticism" to date on all things Iraq. [NYT]

  • The genius of Barack Obama laid bare: every campaign stop promotes his book, his chances in 2008, and the Democratic candidate he is ostensibly supporting. [NYT]

  • Tommy CarcettiMartin O'Malley is trying to talk his way to Annapolis. [WP]

  • It's easy! Create your own vicious Campaign ad! [WSJ]

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