* Administration officials believe Americans are missing the good news from Iraq; disconnect has reduced the credibility of Bush and Republicans, say strategists. Bush: "In the face of continued reports about killings and reprisals, I understand how some Americans have had their confidence shaken. Others look at the violence they see each night on their television screens and they wonder how I can remain so optimistic about the prospects of success in Iraq. They wonder what I see that they don't." [WP, NYT]

* Years of rosy rhetoric about Iraq has complicated Bush's attempts rally support for the military mission. [WP]

* Bush defends Iraq war in "feisty" question-and-answer session. [USAT]

* Churches push the legal boundaries of political organizing. [NYT]

* Ken Mehlman, Michael Chertoff, Chuck Hagel woo the organized labor vote. [NYT]

* House candidates who served in Iraq strain to talk about issues other than the war. [WP]

* Bob Woodward's 2002 book alluded to NSA eavesdropping. [WP]


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