* Gee, those Republicans still really love that Iraq War. [NYT]

* But hate that Attorney General. [NYT, LAT]

* Fired US Attorneys go on the Sunday shows and blast the White House, proving once again that jobless people with the least to lose, make the best teevee. [WP, WP]

* 2008 campaign may soon be even more diverse if midget Jew Michael Bloomberg plays the big blind. [WP]

* Adam H. Putnam's life is like a compilation of all the wet-dreams Alex P. Keaton ever had. [NYT]

* Are there political improprieties going on at GSA? Is the Pope Catholic? [WP]

* Democratic Congress considers robbing the old to insure the young. [LAT]

* President Bush acknowledges the existence of income inequality, but won't do anything about it until you get off your lazy ass and get to work. [WSJ]


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