Daily Briefing: Drunk With Power

Santorum tells DeLay to "lay out what he did and why he did it." Shays: "I don't think Tom DeLay is going to survive." McCain, meanwhile, opposes filibuster ban: "I think that there's a problem with a slippery slope." [WP, LAT, LAT]

Reduction of American forces in Iraq expected. [NYT]

Democrats, taking page from Gingrich, call Republicans "drunk with power, overreaching on issues... ethically challenged, and profoundly out of touch." Slaughter: "The apex of it was Schiavo." [NYT]

Administration really doesn't care about polls. Brownstein: "In their eyes, mass opinion doesn't matter as much as the attitude of the voters motivated to turn up on election day. . . That means Bush and his party can survive ratings with the general public that might sink other presidents." But, "Bush can lead just his party, or transcend it to lead the country." [LAT]

Bolton's "combative style" and "commitment to hard-line foreign policies" will be controversial issues at today's hearing. [WP]

On Bush's iPod (a gift of the twins, managed by aide Blake Gottesman): George Jones, Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney; Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl" is a favorite. [NYT]

Administration sets aside $3m for democracy-building in Iran. [USAT]

Sharon meets with Bush today in Crawford. [USAT]

Negroponte urged to quickly "let people know he's in charge." [NYT]

Senators funnel millions from military bill to state interests. [WP]

Investigation of Abramoff worries connected lawmakers. [NYT]

Niche political advocacy ads go mainstream. [WSJ]


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