Daily Briefing: Dude, You're Getting A Safety Hazard

  • The cease-fire in Lebanon held for a second day, despite reports of light Hezbollah missile activity, as thousands of displaced Lebanese returned to their homes. [WP]

  • Plenty of analysis -- conventional wisdom says Hezbollah is strengthened, Israel is weakened, Lebanon is weakened. [LAT, BBC, NYT]

  • Census report shows U.S. immigrant numbers grew 16 percent over the last five years. [NYT]

  • Dell is recalling 4.1 million lithium-ion laptop batteries, citing fears of, um, spontaneous combustion. [WP, NYT]

  • Evangelicals are expanding their efforts to register and reach religious voters. [LAT]

  • Freelancer Jill Carroll writes on her Iraqi abduction experience in the second of a 12-part series. [CS Monitor]

  • Sen. George Allen, presumed presidential candidate, loses mind. [WP]


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