Daily Briefing: Empty the Trash

* Among those 5 million "accidentally" deleted emails? Turns out there's a slim chance some of them might've had something to do with the firings of the federal prosecutors. Did you know: Karl Rove has his own special work email policy? [NYT, WP]

* World Bank Head "Shoeless Paul" Wolfowitz" is very sorry about the corruption and graft and paying his girlfriend to fuck him. No one yet believes that he's in any real danger of losing his job. [WP, NYT]

* Mitt Romney on the campaign trail still distancing himself from the liberal Mitt Romney of the past. In this case "the past" means April '06. But you know how those conservative Republicans virulently hate health care. [WP]

* FAA can't decide if it's worth endangering your life to make the airlines a couple extra bucks or not. [USAT]

* It's been a couple weeks since the last story of massive incompetence at FEMA -- this month, spoiled food! [WP]

* John Warner isn't raising any money, so he's either retiring or scared as shit of Jim Webb and skipping town well before the next election. [WP]


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