* Bush holds press conference to acknowledge "uncertainty in the country" over the situation in Iraq: "I understand people being disheartened when they turn on their TV screen. . . I believe we're going to succeed." [WP, NYT, W$J, USAT]

* $157m in federal funds have been directed to groups aligned with the administration's social agenda and run by "political and ideological allies." [WP]

* Bush "may be a lame duck, but he seems to be enjoying his swim," writes Dana Milbank. [WP]

* Administration considers imposing fuel standards on vans and SUVs for the first time. [W$J]

* In shift, administration will ban the use of statements acquired through torture at Gitmo. [W$J]

* Six senators visiting Iraq urge "political compromises" for the sake of "national unity." [WP, USAT]

* Senate will soon take up legislation on immigration restrictions. [WP]

* Lawmakers look to revise rules on material witnesses. [NYT]


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