Daily Briefing: Experiencing Vindication Edition

Bush, experiencing vindication, has opportunity to seize momentum of positive news from the Middle East. [WP, WT]

Insecure Democrats worried Bush could outmaneuver them on Social Security. Greenberg, Carville: "Why has the public not taken out their anger on the congressional Republicans and the president? We think the answer lies with voters' deeper feelings about the Democrats who appear to lack direction, conviction, values, advocacy or a larger public purpose." [WP]

Republican loyalist John Bolton, currently Undersecretary of State, named ambassador to U.N. [WP, NYT, USAT]

Gregg releases budget today designed to reduce deficit and allocate funds for Iraq; Republicans seek to reign in Medicaid costs, tax cuts. [WSJ]

Pelosi set to accuse House Republicans of abusing power and suppressing dissent: "While this Republican administration has spoken strongly about promoting democracy around the world, the House Republican leadership is working feverishly to undermine democracy here at home." [WP]

Amendment proposed by Schumer may delay passage of bankruptcy bill; raise of minimum wage rejected. [WSJ, LAT, NYT]

Gonzales defends outsourcing detainees: "We are going to look into it." [WP, USAT]

Bankruptcy bill includes amendment on abortion, a "first test" for new Congress on the issue. [NYT]

Debate over Security Security built on constituents' ignorance of mechanics. [NYT]

Progress for America Voter Fund begins $2m pro-Bush ad buy on Social Security. [NYT]

McCain has quietly built Reform Institute, non-profit, well-funded organization devoted to campaign finance. [NYT]

Bush, with Laura: "We are worried about gangs, we are worried about drugs, we are worried about bad choices." [WP, NYT]

DHS hires Hollywood liaison to influence scriptwriters. [USAT]

Cotton subsidies caught in budgetary crosshairs. [WP]

Conservative group drafts "bioethics agenda" for Bush: "It would be tragic if we failed to take advantage of this rare opportunity to enact significant bans on some of the most egregious biotechnical practices." [WP]


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