Daily Briefing: Fake News Proliferation Edition

56% disapprove of Bush's Social Security plan in new ABC/WP poll. [WP]

Republicans face possibility of internal revolt over 2006 budget. Analyst: "It highlights a bigger philosophical debate within the Republican Party between those who see spending restraint as the Republicans' main priority, versus those who see deficit reduction as the main priority." [NYT]

Approval of Congress near lows of impeachment, Gallup finds; Bush steady at 52%. [USAT]

Administration supports production of fake news segments. [WP]

Bush wants to rewrite Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty without renegotiating it: "We must therefore close the loopholes that allow states to produce nuclear materials that can be used to build bombs under the cover of civilian nuclear programs."[NYT]

Pentagon questions $108m bill from Halliburton. [WSJ, WP, NYT]

Voinovich (R-Ohio) now prefers pay-as-you-go tax system; a vote against Bush's wishes. [WP]

House Republicans maintain public support for DeLay, express concern privately. [NYT]

Vote on ANWR drilling expected soon. [LAT]

White House press hole called "firetrap," may get extreme makeover. Steve Scully: "It's overcrowded and unsafe and needs to be moved up to standards." [WT]

Mfume announces run for Sarbanes' Maryland Senate seat. [WP, LAT]


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