Daily Briefing: Fifty Different Levels

It Is Really Fucking ColdBush to provide details about Social Security plan in State of the Union; Snowe expresses misgivings. [WP, NYT, USAT]

McCain says Senate Armed Services Committee will hold hearings about Pentagon's intelligence operations overseas; "turf battle" between CIA. [WP, NYT, USAT]

Bush agenda puts party in vulnerable spot: "The calendar alone tells you this conservative cycle is long in the tooth. Add to that the divisions, or latent divisions, that exist with your own coalition. Once Bush is removed from the scene, and once he becomes in effect a lame duck, all those tensions are there." [NYT]

Ego and ambitions of Republican leaders often outweigh Bush's agenda; Frist, Hastert, DeLay, Thomas have self-interests in mind, not Bush's legacy. [LAT]

Don't put Cheney on the couch, says Matalin: "He has the same sense of humor that Imus has. He thinks Imus is funny... It's not really strategic or complicated. Not everything we do has to work on 50 different levels." [NYT]

Most thought highly of inaugural address but believe "ending tyranny" is impossible, according to CNN/USAT/Gallup poll. [WT]

Administration leans on Clinton, Moynihan to assert Social Security "crisis." Sperling: "Clinton never suggested that the Social Security solvency challenge required radical restructuring." [WP]

New head of FCC faces industry, government at crossroads. [WSJ, NYT]

Pro-life demonstration set for today. [WT]

[AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson]


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