Daily Briefing: Five More Shopping Days

  • Polls indicate Americans will cast votes for candidates that advocate a new approach in Iraq. [NYT]

  • Anticipating congressional takeover, Democrats consider new "foreign-policy theme" that allows for withdrawal from Iraq without looking pussy. [WSJ]

  • The Washington Post's crook list. [WP]

  • John Kerry, apologizes for Stupidtroopgate, continues getting Stupidtroopboated. [NYT]

  • A look back at campaign season 2006 and all the lovely foot-in-mouth, racist, and plain idiotic comments we've been treated to. [LAT]

  • Porter Goss and George Tenet both writing tell-all books telling us what we already know. [Time]

  • "Punch 'Foley' For Negron" seems to be working as race tightens. [NYT]

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