Bush nominates Harriet E. Miers to the Supreme Court; seen as "a woman who broke barriers in the male-dominated Texas legal world but brings no judicial experience or constitutional background to her new assignment." Bush: "I know her heart. I know her character." [WP, NYT, LAT, WSJ, WT]

Miers likely to avoid partisan fight. Kristol: "It's hard to explain why Harriet Miers is the right pick unless you're trying to avoid a fight about someone who has expressed a conservative constitutional philosophy... it's demoralizing for the president to pass over a host of publicly identified conservative constitutionalists." [WP, NYT]

DeLay is indicted for alleged money laundering; former majority leader says prosecutor "is trying to pull the legal equivalent of a 'do-over' since he knows very well that the charges he brought against me last week are totally manufactured and illegitimate." Punishment for money laundering can be life in prison. [WP, NYT, LAT, WSJ, USAT]

Many conservatives express skepticism, disappointment about Miers; responses range "from hostility to silence to praise." [WP, LAT, NYT, WT, USAT, USAT]

Nomination viewed as "more like a bunt than a bid for a home run," writes Ron Brownstein. Bush "has no appetite, at a time when he and his party are besieged by problems, for an all-out ideological fight," suspects Richard Stevenson. [LAT, NYT]

Critics allege cronyism, the perception of which "is especially risky because it comes at a time when the White House has been accused of putting under-qualified political associates in top positions throughout the government." [LAT, USAT]

Andrew Card initiated a secret vetting of Miers last summer. Former White House counsel: "The president is very, very confident in his judgments about people, and he likes to reward loyalty." [WP, USAT]

Miers' "very little record" on abortion is a challenge to pro-choice groups. [NYT]

Colleagues say Miers is a "loyalist renowned for her long hours but not hard-right ideology"; drives a red Mercedes. [WP, LAT, NYT, USAT]

Harry Reid, Laura Bush provided early support of Miers' nomination; Democrats seem optimistic. [LAT, USAT]

Miers has donated over $20,000 to GOP causes since 1991. [LAT]

Roberts survives his first day at the Supreme Court. [NYT]

Roy Moore, vocal advocate of the Ten Commandments monument, will run for governor of Alabama. [LAT]


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