Daily Briefing: 'Get Out of the Box!'

Pentagon officials rethink long-term goals; may shift focus to national security and antiterrorism efforts. [NYT]

Bush leaves for G-8 summit in Scotland. [WT]

Bush tells special-interest groups to "tone down the heated rhetoric." Bush: "I will begin to hone in on a handful of candidates over the course of the next few weeks." [USAT]

Partisans likely to drop $50-100m on nomination fight; few disclosure laws for advocacy organizations. [WP, NYT]

Nomination will dominate Senate Judiciary Committee; Republicans want vote by Sept. 30. [WSJ]

Conservatives contemplate O'Connor's replacement: which faction will win out? [WSJ]

Abortion, gay rights, and assisted suicide cases are on the docket for next Supreme Court term. [WP]

Bush not expected to solicit advice from senators about nomination. McClellan: "I would expect that he would be talking to the majority leader, the minority leader, the ranking members of the Judiciary Committee." [WSJ]

Bush's views and intentions put under the microscope of curiosity; pundits look to predict his desires for Supreme Court. [NYT]

Nomination will affect Bush's standing in history. [USAT]

China doesn't like what it hears from Congress: "We demand that the U.S. Congress correct its mistaken ways of politicizing economic and trade issues and stop interfering in the normal commercial exchanges between enterprises of the two countries." [WP]

Plame returned to CIA last month; their son once banged on the television: "Dad, get out of the box!" [NYT]

Pelosi reveals three unreported trips from years ago on eve of holiday weekend. [WP]

With no guarantee of loyalty, Supreme Court justices often surprise presidents. [NYT]

O'Connor's confirmation opened opportunities for female judges and lawyers. [NYT]

Most of Gonzales' inner circle at DOJ was with him at the White House. [WP]

New president of NAACP will focus on economic aspect of civil rights. [NYT]


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