Daily Briefing: Getting It All Over With

Blair memo from July 2002 states decision to invade Iraq was not made yet and was not politically motivated; report noted Bush administration seemed unprepared for postwar climate. [NYT]

Cheney says U.S. will not close Gitmo detention camp because it holds "bad people." [WP, WT]

Military reportedly accepted and hid detention of minors at Gitmo. Flack: "They don't come with birth certificates." [NYT]

Majority of Americans support troop withdrawal from Iraq, according to Gallup poll. [USAT]

Senate will vote on resolution that apologizes for their failure to pass anti-lynching laws. [USAT]

Chertoff prepares to unveil revamp of DHS, including tweaking of the color-coded alert system. [WSJ]

DeLay scandal has led over 200 lawmakers to file travel reports in the past year. [NYT]

Congressional report concludes United Nations is largely unaccountable. [NYT]

Patience on empty for lagging transportation bill. Eleanor Holmes Norton: "I just want to get it all over with." [WP]

Corporations, religious groups, politicians increasingly willing to act on global warming. [USAT]

White House chief of protocol has long history with Bush. [NYT]


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