Daily Briefing: Getting Snowed

our slump shouldered lawmakers

Vote on intelligence bill imminent; Hastert relents after Cheney directs compromise over weekend. [WP, NYT, NYT, USAT, USAT, WSJ]

CIA wire sent late last month warned of worsening situation in Iraq with no end in sight; top military commander there initially offered no objections. [NYT]

Bush sees attacks in Saudi Arabia related to Iraqi elections: "They want us to leave Saudi Arabia. They want us to leave Iraq. They want us to grow timid and weary in the face of their willingness to kill randomly and kill innocent people. And that's why these elections in Iraq are very important." [WP, WT]

DNC, though not contesting results, opens investigation into Ohio voting issues. [WP, NYT]

Announcement about Snow's future is expected, though he appears in the dark; president quiet, possibly undecided, as public speculation mounts and allies offer support. McClellan: "We appreciate the great job that Secretary Snow is doing. He's an outstanding member of this team." [WP, WSJ]

Rumsfeld expects troops to return home during second term, with qualifications. [NYT]

Bill Clinton calls for energy independence and plan for global warming: It "may have a bigger impact on America and the world than virtually all the things that were debated." [WP]

Partisans dissatisfied with Reid's support of Scalia for chief justice. [WP]

FBI repeatedly said interrogation tactics at Gitmo were not effective. [NYT]

Bush under pressure from all sides on immigration; 10m illegal immigrants here. [WSJ]

Government to borrow for the first time to protect Social Security. [USAT, WT]

Budget report, agency by agency. [WP, NYT]

Snooping provision rejected unanimously. [WP, USAT, WSJ]

In search for leaders and future, Democrats avoid Northeast. [WT]

Bush announces creation of regions for new Medicare program that will encourage private insurance plans for seniors. [NYT, WSJ]

Bush shuffles civil rights panel members. [NYT, WT]

Private sector executives seek expansion of cyber security. [WSJ]

Some House Republicans seek ousting of Annan. [WT]

Crown wins rights for Tenet's memoir, estimated at $4m. [WSJ]

[AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta]


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