Daily Briefing: Gone Til November, 2008

* President Bush gets on the budget balancing bandwagon, Democrats call bullshit. [WP]

* John Negroponte to leave the "in case of attack, fire this guy" position to be Condi's deputy at State Department. [WP, NYT]

* Harry Reid has his Scotland golf trip, sans Scotland and golf. [WP]

* William Jefferson and other corruption tinged Democrats are An Inconvenient Presence for Nancy Pelosi. [WP]

* But she'll be able to forget her troubles for a while as Wyclef Jean and Tony Bennet croon for her tonight. [LAT]

* Barney Frank speaks loudly, carries a small stick. [WSJ]

* Big Oil and Big Pharma are scared shitless of the Democratic Congress, look for their PR campaigns on screens and billboards near you soon. [WP, WSJ]

* Barack Obama is op-corruption in his op-ed. [WP]


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