Sen. McCain (R-Ariz.) is expected to win desired concessions on torture ban. [NYT]

Some Democrats worry recent antiwar statements by Rep. Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Howard Dean will backfire in midterm elections; GOP leaders rush to attack "wrong message to our troops." [WP, LAT]

Christians are disappointed by non-religious White House "holiday" card; presidential pets are pictured on the front. [WP]

Condoleezza Rice encounters a skeptical Europe. [NYT]

Rice admits mistaken detention of innocent German. [WP, NYT]

Rep. DeLay (R-Texas) is unlikely to regain a leadership role, though a leadership election is not scheduled. [WP, NYT]

Congress opens inquiry to determine if the administration downplayed prewar information that predicted chaos in occupied Iraq. [WSJ]

House Republicans leave out Bush's guest-worker program from immigration bill. [LAT]

Hollywood rallies for People for the American Way and against Samuel Alito. [NYT]

Cheney defends war, praises Sen. Lieberman (D-Conn.). [NYT]

Democrats want to diversify the voter demographics of early primaries by seeking a "wider participation from a wider range of constituencies." [LAT]

Antiwar demonstrators greet Hillary Clinton in New York. [NYT]

National Republicans back Thomas Kean Jr. in New Jersey Senate race. [NYT]


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