Libby is expected to be charged today with making false statements to the jury; investigation of Rove will continue as Fitzgerald will extend the inquiry. McClellan will not brief today and Bush will spend the weekend at Camp David. [NYT, WSJ]

Libby shops for an attorney; Rove looks for a P.R. team. [WP]

Next Supreme Court nominee could be named within days; "aggressive opposition from conservatives" caused Harriet Miers to withdraw. The "endgame" began early this week. [WP, WP, NYT, NYT, WSJ, LAT, WT]

The worst week of Bush's political life is not over yet. Scholar: "Is there a Howard Baker moment? And if there's a Howard Baker moment, who's Howard Baker?" [WP, NYT]

Miers nomination "was an episode that seemed wholly out of character with the president's style." Brownstein: "[T]he president no longer can consistently impose his will on his party, much less the Congress or the country." [WP, LAT, USAT]

"Senators came to bury Miers yesterday, not to praise her," Milbank writes. Lott sings "Happy Days Are Here Again!" [WP, WT]

Miers remained upbeat and loyal throughout the process. Former colleague: "The White House didn't pay attention, and the right just chewed her up. It was like a gang, a lynch mob." [NYT, WP, WSJ]

Conservative pundits had their way. Charles Krauthammer: "I guess she reads my column." [WP, LAT]

Bush was apparently the last to know of her withdrawal. [WT]

Gender thought to be less of a factor this time; the challenge is finding the next John Roberts. [WP, NYT, LAT, USAT]

Source of forged uranium reports is still unknown after two-year FBI investigation. [NYT]

Senators outraged over record profits at big oil companies. [WP, NYT, LAT]

Senate earmarks $8b for avian flu readiness. [NYT]

Debate over prewar intel is at the heart of the leak investigation. [WSJ]

EPA endorses Clear Skies legislation; said to be the most feasible plan. [WP]

House approves first round of military base closings. [WP]

The Senate Armed Services Committee challenges the nominee for chief spokesman at the Pentagon. [NYT]

Coin dealer in Ohio indicted for illegal donations to Bush's campaign fund. [LAT,]


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