Daily Briefing: Horses, Corn, Disease, and Now Nukes

  • The Democratic People's Republic of North Korea detonates the tiny little nuclear weapon they made. US forces were so looking forward to Iran. [WP, NYT, LAT,USAT, W$J]

  • Jim Kolbe, Congress's only openly gay Republican, confronted Foley all the way back in 2000. [WP]

  • But the "main" cover up started here: details about the Fall 2005 Foley "intervention" with Trandahl, Shimkus. [NYT]

  • Republican Congressional candidates say Foley is still "sucking," hurting their campaigns. [WP]

  • George Allen, "The Man Who Could Maybe Still Get Elected Sheriff In Lynchburg," neglected to report stock options in technology companies he got after serving as Governor, but before joining the senate. [NYT]

  • Fareed Zakaria is not too sexy for secret Iraq war justification meetings. [NYT]

  • Slapping childrens' asses increases their chance of becoming a greedy corporate shrew. [USAT]

  • UN Anti-Poverty campaign testing viral video marketing, surprised at how "tasteless" Americans really are. [WSJ]

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