Daily Briefing: How Bush Dances

Bush "drove Secret Service nuts" by staying out until 10 p.m.: "Bush ended up clapping enthusiastically, bobbing his head to the beat and finally gyrating his hips." [WP]

Republicans reject Democrats' offer for immediate vote on uncontroversial judicial nominee while Bush pushes for "up-or-down vote" on two appellate court nominees. Frist: "All of this obstruction must stop." [WP, NYT, WT, LAT]

After disagreement, Armitage insisted on pre-approving Bolton's speeches and public comments; Republicans maintain Bolton will be approved. [WP, NYT, WT]

Frist anticipates use of "nuclear option" to bring vote on Justice Priscilla Owen, nominee for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. [WT]

Bush, with Putin in Russia, celebrates anniversary of end of WWII. [USAT, WT]

Bush faces resistance in Congress over Central American Free Trade Agreement. Reid: "I will do whatever I can to kill it." [NYT]

Rep. Sensenbrenner, Republican chair of House Judiciary Committee, wants "office of inspector general for the federal judiciary." [NYT]

Hagel, Chafee, Voinovich on the fence regarding Bolton. [LAT]

Color-coded alerts are rethought. [WP]

Many female voters who voted for Bush last year are returning to Democratic Party. [WP]

Conservatives complain liberal groups disguised as nonpartisan watchdogs are "part of a well-organized political strategy" that dominates press coverage. [WSJ]


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