Daily Briefing: How Come You're Not Solving the Problem?

Bush keeps Cabinet in close range; mandated to spend time at White House to "lay the groundwork that is going to be necessary to implement the very aggressive agenda that the president has laid out for his second term." [WP]

Iowans distrustful of Bush's plans for Social Security. Bush: "Once people understand there's a problem, the next question is, How come you're not solving the problem?" Bush to Democrats: "There's a political price for not getting involved in the process... There's a political price for saying it's not a problem." [WP, NYT, NYT, LAT, WT]

Democrats will reject Bolton with unanimous opposition; "Some Democrats predicted Bolton could lose support among Republican members if he was unyielding in his criticism of the United Nations." [LAT]

To appease Europe, Wolfowitz says he would act independently of administration. [WSJ, NYT]

Bush weighed down by domestic issues in polls. [WT]

Conclusions of panel on intel deemed unsatisfactory by some experts. [WP, NYT]

DeLay's supporters rush to his defense. [WP, WT]

Laura: "That tyranny has been replaced by a young democracy, and the power of freedom is on display across Afghanistan." [WP, NYT]

Bush desires extension of "fast-track" authority over trade issues. [WSJ]

Environmentalists, select conservatives join to herald hybrids. [WP]


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