Daily Briefing: "I Feel Very Bad"

We Have Joementum Giuliani takes responsibility and apologizes for fall of Kerik: "I feel very bad." Relationship with Bush strained; they dined together last night but president has ongoing uneasiness with Giuliani. [NYT]

Few options may lead Lieberman to replace Ridge; or Hutchinson, Hagin, Allbaugh. For HHS, McClellan, Owens, Leavitt, or Huckabee. [WSJ, USAT]

Investigation may be called regarding leak of spy satellite information; administration angry. [WSJ]

Pentagon debating extent of misinformation campaigns; considers official program for disinformation. Flack: "Our job is not perception management but to counter the enemy's perception management." [NYT]

White House stands by vetting process of Kerik; numerous issues and conflicts found. [NYT, NYT, NYT, USAT, WT]

Frist threatens "nuclear option" to reduce filibusters, a "formula for tyranny by the minority." Reid: "But I will, for lack of a better word, screw things up." [WP]

Bush deemed fit, blames slight weight gain on donuts. [USAT]

Christian groups push initiatives at local, state levels. Director of such group: "On legislative efforts, they're getting more gutsy, and on certain issues, they may introduce legislation that they normally may not have done." [NYT]

Inaugural address will be dignified balance of political victory and nod to on-going military action. [WP]

Most secure inauguration ever; protesters concerned about their message. [NYT]

Goss operates on the down-low. [USAT]

Tough hearings expected, especially for Rice, Gonzales, Johanns, Nicholson. [WSJ]

Kerry team asks to inspect 92,000 ballots in Ohio. [NYT]

Professional big thinker Pete Wehner, head of White House Office of Strategery: "[Rove] said my job is to bug him." [WP]

Daschle exits: "There are no regrets. I'm very much at peace with my 26 years and career here." [USAT, USAT]

Dean says DNC must improve organization, clarify message. [WT]

Hillary stakes increasingly vocal, conservative position on immigration. [WT]

Hastert seeks additional funds for highway projects. [WP]

White House promises tax reform panelists will be diverse, open-minded. [WT]

Brownstein: Democrats shouldn't take a page from the '40s. [LAT]

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