Daily Briefing: If You Can't Trust the CIA...

  • President Bush happily signs so-called "torture bill" into law, calling it, "a way to deliver justice to the terrorists we have captured." John McCain notably absent from signing ceremony. [WP, NYT, LAT, USAT]

  • First-in-a-decade revision of outer space policy "is not about developing or deploying weapons in space. Period." So, expect giant lasers and/or death rays up there any minute. [WP]

  • Former House clerk and crucial Foley case link Jeff Trandahl is a total boyscout, neckerchiefs and all. Loved to bust pages under his supervision for smoking the chron. [NYT]

  • Duke Cunningham's corruption has a number: $70 million in contracts steered towards his kick-back buddies. [WP, NYT]

  • Jim Webb, proud redneck. [WP]

  • Hanging out with genocidal war-profiteers in rogue nations is a normal weekend for Curt Weldon. [WP]

  • Government denies pension benefit to the partner of Gerry Studds, the first openly gay member of congress. [WP]

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