Daily Briefing: Is Anyone Still Alive In Woody Creek?

* CBS veteran reporter Ed Bradley dies at 65. Long, weird life praised by pretty much everyone. [New York Times]

* It's kind of stunning how badly George Allen fucked up his ticket to the White House. [Washington Post]

* In Massachusetts, they're still arguing about the gay marriage thing, because that's a real deal-breaker in freakin' Massachusetts. [Boston Globe]

* That leukemia again, Wyoming Senator Craig Thomas has been hit by the awful disease. He won his re-election, at least. [ABC News]

* In Mexico City, you now have some basic human rights if you're part of a homosexual couple. [BBC News]

* Bob Gates isn't exactly loved by today's destroyed Dubya Republicans ... especially because Bush 41 and James Baker III placed Gates in the Pentagon job. [Red State]

* Oh yeah, the Republicans lost the House and the Senate. National Review people are not happy. [NRO The Corner]


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