Daily Briefing: It's a Plane!

Pilot of Cessna "came as close as he could come without getting shot out of the air," says police chief; Pelosi lost one pinkish high heel during the evacuation. [WP, WP, NYT, WT]

House Republicans "plan to use budgetary, oversight and disciplinary authority to assert greater control over the federal courts." [WP]

Republicans confident Bolton will be approved at tomorrow's vote; Democrats say he'll "adopt a loose standard for accuracy" on intelligence matters. [NYT, WSJ, LAT, WT]

Democrats try to mobilize ahead of judicial showdown. [NYT, WT]

DeLay's pals ask for dismissal of case; few lawmakers will attend his tribute. [WP, NYT]

Most guests who slept over at White House or Camp David were fundraisers, donors, or friends: "It's similar to what we saw in the Clinton White House." [USAT]

Bush says a critical press "is a good sign. It means you're free." [NYT]

Senate approves additional highway funds; Bush may veto. [WP, NYT]

Santorum's support of Bush's Social Security plan may do him in. [WSJ]

Was Bolton's behavior typical or unacceptable? [WP]

Hillary, Gingrich join on health care initiative. [NYT, USAT]

Vote on Terrence Boyle may or may not come today; nomination is "15-year saga whose end is nowhere in sight." [WP]


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