Daily Briefing: 'It's an outrage. It's scandalous.'

Bush is first president to attend papal funeral. [WP, WT]

Schiavo memo "may have disseminated to other offices," according to Martinez aide; investigation underway. [WP, WT]

DeLay says federal courts have "run amok": "Judicial independence does not equal judicial supremacy. [We can] to reassert our constitutional authority over the courts." [NYT]

Government unable to track full extent of lobbying: "Last year, corporations, labor unions and interest groups spent more than $3 billion trying to influence the federal government." [WP]

Rumsfeld memo seen as challenge to Negroponte. [WP]

Carter surrogate says "he did not believe there was any kind of snub or anything inappropriate." Brzezinski: "It's an outrage. It's scandalous." [WP]

Democrats escalate fight over nominees, hope to block Bolton. [NYT, USAT]

TSA denigrated as director is forced out: "Most Republicans didn't want to create this [agency] in the first place. Democrats see security as an easy target. So you don't have anyone to defend it." [WP]

Leak probe near completion. [NYT]

Rice on Iraq: "When you're dealing with a very closed society like that, it is not very easy; it's not a very easy intelligence target." [WP]

Bill Clinton basks in Rome's love: "Isn't this a great city?" [NYT]

Hillary speaks of importance of protecting religious liberty home and abroad. [WT, NY Sun]

Spellings heralds "new day" of cooperation on NCLB. [NYT]


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