Daily Briefing: 'It's Madness'

Bush's speech "reflects a purposeful strategy based on extensive study of public opinion about how to maintain support for a costly and problem-plagued military mission." [WP]

White House accepts 70 of 74 recommended intelligence reforms in "another major shake-up." [WP, NYT, WSJ, LAT]

Judge gives Cooper and Miller a week to think about revealing their source before imprisonment. Novak: "If anyone thinks they're going to jail because of me, it's madness." [NYT, NYT]

White House official may have initiated applause during Bush's speech. [WP, NYT]

House Republicans insist there will be a roll call vote on Social Security legislation this year. [NYT]

Senate unanimously approves additional $1.5b for veterans' health care. [WP]

Stalemate over House ethics committee nears end. [WP, NYT, LAT]

Illegal immigration has increased since Bush's guest worker program was introduced, according to Judicial Watch; majority of illegals believed it was an amnesty program. [WP]

Army meets recruiting goal, but "insurmountable shortfall" remains for complete year. [WP, NYT]

Washington in limbo with uncertainty about Supreme Court. [LAT]

House blocks cuts to Amtrak; adds $626m to their railway's budget. [WP]

Bush will request more funding for malaria prevention in Africa. [NYT]

Senate bans pesticide testing on humans. [WP]

Washington Nationals have not fostered bipartisanship, especially with Soros in the picture. [NYT]


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