• Polls in the Connecticut Senate Primary opened 6 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. Senator Joe Lieberman still trails in polls behind challenger Ned Lamont, but the gap had narrowed by election day. [NYT, NYT]

  • A poll shows most Americans have an anti-incumbent mood coming into the midterm elections. [WP]

  • Corrupt Democratic Congressman William Jefferson will get a primary challenge from Louisiana State Senator Derrik Shepherd. [CQ]

  • Texas Republicans have abandoned their fight to keep disgraced Representative Tom DeLay off the November ballot. [AP]

  • "[B]y one estimate, state and local governments owe their current and future retirees roughly $375 billion more than they have committed to their pension funds." [NYT]

  • The largest oil field in the US shut down after investigators detected "heavy corrosion and a small leak in a critical pipeline," sending oil prices up yet again. [NYT]

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