• "Rolling Hurricane Revue" tour heads to Mississippi and Louisiana to mark today's one year anniversary of Katrina. Blame game still on, reconstruction in MS faring better than LA. [WP, NYT]

  • Tropical Storm Ernesto is weak, but FEMA Director David Paulison's "No More Fuckups" doctrine has an army of personnel in Florida. [CNN]

  • Kofi Annan wants in on the cool kids "disaster touring club," heads to southern Lebanon. [BBC, NYT]

  • Bill Clinton in Africa visiting AIDS patients, finds warm reception: "George Bush has actually delivered more resources, but Clinton is ten times more popular in Africa." [NYT]

  • President Nursultan "The Friendly Kleptocrat" Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan to visit White House in September. [WP]

  • Indiana Republican congressman Mike Pence no longer the "perfect conservative" as he tries for compromise on immigration issue. [NYT]

  • Fenty vs. Cropp televised debate yesterday -- no steel cage, just a really small table. [WP]

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